Saturday, October 3, 2009

IE Club's Greenlight Fashion Design Competition

IE Club organized the Greenlight Fashion Design Competition where there were 15 designs from different schools. All materials should be recycled. My piece was made from old round woven banig place mats. Then it had a haltered wired dress on top. The coverup was made from our old clothesline. haha~ I cut it into several lengths, then made spirals out of them. Then wired them back together. Spell EFFORT. hahahahahahahahahah~ Well, im happy with my piece. I won third. (^_^)

The place was hella crowded cos there was a party right after the competition. VERY VERY WARM. Thats why i was sweating like a pig on a treadmill at 100kph. lol. Some of the photos here are taken by my friend Josh Benitez. (^_^)

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