Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ciege Cagalawan - PFW Spring Summer 2010

My friend Eldzs asked me if i could help him out with the styling job for Ciege's press kit, and since Ciege is my friend, i said yes immediately. I pretty much had and idea that it would be a fun shoot, primarily because Ciege and Eldzs was there. I met new people. BJ Pascual the photographer. Ciege's friend, whose name i keep forgetting. Im really sorry. >_< im really bad with names. I really need to work on it. There were three models. Two of them i admired. Anne Casas and Natasha Bautista. They were really fun to work with. Natasha was the calm one, while Anne was the perky one. We somewhat complemented each other's personality. Overall, it was a fun shoot. (^_^)

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