Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Test Shoot for Clothing Technology Exhibit

It was just a test shoot. So no professional models. Hahaha~ Luckily Lhenvil Paneda (a CT freshman, and an awesome makeup artist - he does magazine jobs already) was there with us. His class at the AVR room just finished and he was walking by and he saw the clothes we were pairing up. Hahahahaha~ Everything was so unplanned and random. lol. We were originally looking at the clothes we were preparing for the exhibit, checking if each of the clothes were and ready to be paired. Also, our blockmate, Kat, who got into Bunka Fashion College (Kenzo and Yohji Yamamoto graduated from Bunka, Japan's premiere fashion school) in Shibuya District under the Mogankabusho Scholarship program (damn, if only i knew they were offering scholarships for fashion design. haha~ back then whenever i would check for the Mogankabusho Scholarship, all i would see will be grants for math and science programs. haha~) was in Manila for her spring break, so we decided to have a fun shoot right there and then. lol. i love spontaneity. lol. (^_^)

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