Monday, January 18, 2010

Black Parade

 All of these photos were taken by Raecen Dimacali. This was for the CT Exhibit we were preparing for AS Lobby. I made a beaded tulled skirt, a military jacket, and liquid tights for the shoot. The shoes, ok, it was really fierce and believe it or not, my friend got it from SM Department Store. I am amused at how department stores are able to catch up and even level up their aesthetic value in terms of design. They are now starting to take note of how the mass market (primarily composed of upper c to upper b with considerable disposable income and purchasing power) are rapidly becoming fashion sensitive. It may be due to the fact that the mass market is highly interspersed with information (fashion and beauty) unlike before. As these information are readily accessible (online, other media) to consumers, they are now able to adapt quickly to change compared to before when they would have to rely heavily on peers and other opinion leaders (celebrities). Anyway, going back to my clothes. hahahahahahahha~ it was a fun shoot and Erika, my model, was so fun and easy to work with. (^_^)

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