Thursday, May 27, 2010

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So my summer class is finally over. Im a bit upset, maybe because i really enjoyed the class. And partly because i dont get to design and sew clothes anymore. But im looking forward to my new classes. I have draping, and i have advanced clothing production. I wish i learn a lot.  I heard one of the faculty is back, and i heard that she is really good. Im excited. Below are some of the clothes i designed. Since the summer class was a production class, we get to manage our classmates as our employees, and they did the sewing. Ill try to post some of the clothes i constructed for the other groups, since i too was required to be an employee for them, for now, ill share with you the photos i took and sorta edited. lol. pardon my abysmal skill in photoshop, perhaps thats one of the reasons why i didnt enroll in viscomm or mma. lol. Enjoy the photos. lemme know what you think about my designs. (^_^)

I found this really cool video of a guy teaching how to distress denim on youtube. So i did it on the jeans i designed for my class. Youll see me wearing it in one of the photos above. haha~ Below is the video im talking about. :P It features Denim Guru Paul Dillinger of Martin +Osa. Its a really cool video. It shows you how exactly to distress your jeans and do all sorts of technique to make it look worn out. Watch the video below:

Another video i watched was that of a girl bleaching denim. This i also did with my designed jeans for my summer class. (^_^) Watch the video below:

Go ahead and do your own distressing and bleaching! (^_^) Dont forget to show me how your jeans turned out. (^_^)

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